Welcome to CruiseGauge. CruiseGauge is a RJ Travel Advisors℠ brand which main focus is the cruise segment of the travel industry. The site www.cruisegauge.com has been on-line for 11 years. A top management decision was made to make a major investment in new digital presence and customer experience. After nearly a year of marketing research a new experience for the ocean traveler has made it from concept to reality. The CruiseGauge team continues to serve ocean travelers with the very best advice and travel strategies. Our cruise specialist have years experience professionally booking group and individual cruise itineraries from every global point or origin. Not only do we book the leading cruise operators, but we book hotels, all-inclusive resorts, air travel, and all forms of ground transportation. Our developers have started the long awaited approval to start construction.
The new CruiseGauge will offer the ocean traveler the opportunity to do what the name implies which is gauge your cruise through several available gauges and comments boards. Cruisers will have the ability to upload their experience while cruising or upon arrival once back home. Different perks and rewards for utilizing CruiseGauge include gift certificates, assignment of a cruise booking specialist, discounts on cruise attire, and much more. CruiseGauge® By RJ Travel Advisors®

Again, we are elated that you stopped at CruiseGauge by RJ Travel Advisors℠. Please contact our cruise specialist at direct 913-488-4485 or the office 202-656-4801. Our ocean travel specialists will assist booking your complete travel itinerary for any global destination. Register to receive our newsletter and stay up to date on the site launch and much more. CruiseGauge® By RJ Travel Advisors®