Countries Reconstructed, Travel Services Redefined

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The only thing that is constant is change. The entire globe of countries is in the midst of reconstruction due to the imposing effects of the coronavirus(COVID-19). No one has been speared the residual fallout of this global pandemic. Some countries were hit harder than others, while the effects in other regions are less known.

At RJ Travel Advisors™ we understand travel plans are on hold right now. Many of us are missing the gentle ocean waters and white–sand beaches.  But when this is all over and the time comes for things return to some sort of normal please know that the things that you love will still be there.  Please know that we will once again be able to visit new places and experience new adventures, while sharing all with our friends and families.  We will be able to rediscover the things that we love and some of the things we like to enjoy.

The best thing to do now is stay calm, healthy, and calm.  Follow the instructions and restrictions that each state has implemented.  Safe at home, only leaving for essential trips, wear masks, don’t touch your face, wash your hands, sanitize, and practice social distancing.  Some of you are even working from home, others put in a position to home-school your children due to the closing of schools.   We must all do our part to be safe and those we love safe.

We know that you are bored and feel pent up but be patient!  There is a travel comeback on the horizon.  A recent survey showed pent-up demand for travel is continuing to grow among Americans as more time passes. The stay at home orders across the United States have both new and veteran travelers anxious to get back out in the world. The response was that some aspect of family, work and eating will remain affected in some way, but travel and vacations look to be the area most impacted by the change. Many Americans said that they believe that shopping and travel will be the categories to become somewhat different after the pandemic.  Others believe that it will be significantly different.  We are quite sure that you won’t be able to get on a bus, a subway, plane or a train or even to enter some buildings or theme parks, as well as schools when they reopen without having your temperature taken.  Disney’s theme parks, hotels and cruise line have been shuttered for nearly a month in response to the COVID-19 outbreak, and travel agents have been advised that bookings will only be accepted for dates after June 1, 2020.

We, here at R J Travel Advisors, are here for your support in getting your plans back on track.  First and foremost, in times like these it is time to return to using a travel agent.  With thirty plus years of experiences our reputation proves that we are a customer based company.  We work for you and we do that effectively and in excellence.  Our agents have shown what they are capable of during this dire time, and it’s important to support us as we support you.  Disney’s spokesman put it so plainly when he stated:  “So we’ve asked ourselves the question, let’s prepare for a world where our customers demand that we scrutinize everybody. Even if it creates a little bit of hardship, like it takes a little bit longer for people to get in. to place”.  We are here to assist you to help make your future travel plans less stressful. 

During this critical time, our agents have been meeting with the heads of the various representative from different aspect of travel to keep up on the latest challenges in the travel industry so we will have the most current information to support you in working past all the fears and difficulties associated with the new method in which the world is expected to operate.

We recommend that you book a trip as soon as it’s safe to travel.  When doing so generously tip the service workers who help make memories for you, for friends and family.  Throughout your travel sharing travel photos on social media to boost destination and awareness.  Keep is in touch on things that are good and not so good that you may experience. 

You can reach us via email at, by phone at (202) 656-4801 on our private line at (913) 488-4485.  Please visit our website at  Also visit and like our Facebook page @rjtraveladvisors

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