Ocho Rios Jamaica

The town of Ocho Rios, on Jamaica’s north coast, is edged with beautiful white-sand beaches and unbelievable landscapes. Contrary to popular belief, its name does not refer to “eight rivers,” the literal Spanish translation. It derives instead from the Spanish word “chorreras,” meaning “waterfalls,” of which Ocho Rios has many – including the famous and spectacular Dunn’s River Falls. Once you Arrive at Dunn’s River Falls, you can actually climb and view Jamaica’s most famous cascading waterfall.
Ocho Rios is a vibrant place to visit. There are plenty of excursions to experience such as boarding a two-seater raft, climb aboard a 90-foot yacht, river-tubing safari, shopping and much more.
As with most destinations Jamaica the culinary experience is extraordinary. Whatever your choice of food, Jamaica will surprise you again and again with such wonderfully unique, rich island tastes. Jamaica is also famous for coffee and a lot of coffee is grown on the island. When visiting Jamaica, you should always intrigue your palette with superbly prepared jerk pork, goat, and chicken. The bountiful choices of food will always keep you coming back for more. Make sure to pencil in Ocho Rios on your “must go” list. This particular Jamaican destination is a favorite for families, individuals, weddings, and business. RJ Travel Advisors™ Get The Advantage and book today!

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