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Travel Wise and Avert Costly Missteps

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May 18, 2020 PM

Brighter times are on the horizon, but we understand the hesitation you may feel about traveling. We want to make your decision as simple as possible. We have decided to share our extend knowledge about various locations and travel opportunities both domestically and internationally. Our professional travel advisors have utilized this time to refresh their awareness of changes and updates around the world.
Policy regarding travel have changed and continue to change. But we are very serious about doing our best work on your behalf to assure that you are able to achieve the outcomes that you desire. We continue to research options for you once it is safe to travel again.

Travel Wise and Avert Costly Missteps

There is no doubt the travel and hospitality industry will look and behave differently over the next 18 months, but let’s figure it out. We love working with you and look forward to working with you even more when you are ready to travel again. We recognize it’s a difficult time in the industry and we want to do whatever we can to help you. In these times of uncertainty, we plan, prepare, and move forward.
While it can be easy to lose perspective, it’s important to remember that travel does have a future. And while we cannot be travelling the world right, we can reassure you and make sure that you aware that travel does have a future.

In the near future we will share with you travel opportunities, benefits and sales that you will want to take advantage.
We partner with various vendors to provide you with airport transportation and any other services you want to include. At the same time, we are working with hotels to obtain wholesaler rates so that we too can offer individual packages. It is hopeful the rates that we obtain may be attractive to you too so you could book individual incentives through us as another alternative.

Whether travel domestic or international we cannot over emphasize the advantages of retaining a travel professional. It’s better to travel wisely and avert costly missteps when away from home. We have added more service offerings that will allow our clients more security and travel insights. Give us a call so that we can generate a customer profile and client ID.RJ Travel Advisors™ Get The Advantage and book today!

Remember: ‘We Work For You’.
Always!RJ Travel Advisors™ Get The Advantage and book today!