Premier Complete Concierge™

Premier Complete Concierge™ by RJ Travel Advisors™ is a dedicated booking solution at no additional cost. All travel group categories can now enjoy the high quality advantage of travel professionals planning all facets of travel itineraries. Clients are paired with a travel professional at which time travel plans are mapped in detail, strategically compiled, and professionally booked. As with any bookings through RJ Travel Advisors prices are negotiated for the best possible price and monitored for price changes to the client’s advantage. Clients enjoy proficiency along with prioritizing budgetary objectives through the Premier Complete Concierge™ itinerary formulated process.
With Premier Complete Concierge™, * there are no charges to the traveler. Everyone receives the same top level professional travel services regardless of the number of travelers, individuals, families, organizations, governments, or businesses. On the fly adjustments is another inherit feature of the Premier Complete Concierge™ all-inclusive itinerary. With our travel professionals as a strategic travel partners plan changes are amended and seamlessly integrated as to not interrupt the ambiance or transit flow.RJ Travel Advisors™ Get The Advantage and book today!

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