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Why Tours Might Be the Way to Go Moving Forward

✍From The Desk Of Marie Frasure✍

July 2020

Although borders are beginning to open back up and several destinations are welcoming visitors once again, the only trips many travelers are taking right now are virtual tours around the world and weekend road trips to visit family members and friends.

Some people are still hesitant to travel and others just don’t have the choice since the companies they have reservations scheduled with are still not operating.

Moving Forward With

Moving into the next few months and even further into 2021, travel trends will be constantly shifting as travelers navigate the “new normal” and companies work to meet the ever-changing needs of those travelers.

Despite what some travelers may think, tours might be one of the best options for travel in the years to come. Some people may be deterred from the group aspect and prefer to go another route such as staying in an Airbnb or Vrbo. But these accommodations come with their own set of uncertainties: Who takes care of the cleaning for these places? How much of a hassle is it if you need to cancel or reschedule?

Furthermore, staying alone in a private rental is nice for some trips, but many individuals travel in order to meet new people. From solo vacationers and couples to families and groups of friends, many people prefer tours so they can connect with other like-minded travelers as they explore new destinations.

Along with hotels and cruise lines, tour operators have been busy preparing to welcome guests again, shifting procedures in order to do so.

From the start of COVID 19 RJ Travel Advisors has been monitoring all aspects as they relate to travel. The traveling mindset has now overwhelmingly affirmed the necessity of an experienced travel professional when leaving home.

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